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Module Exemptions

In a broad based programme of this nature it is possible that some participants will already have adequately covered some of the material which makes up part of the required modules. The Programme Management has no wish to force people to repeat material that they know already (although it is worth remembering that the emphasis on the modules is towards the application of theory, tools and techniques rather than the theoretical normally adopted in Undergraduate courses). In this case some participants may apply for and be granted exemption from one or more required modules. This is generally as a result of prior experience or qualification, however it may also be as a result of sponsor/employer's specific requirements. Note: you still need to complete and pass the required number of credits for your course, complying with the regulations, so attendance on appropriate, alternative, modules will be required.

In order to assist you in determining whether or not you should be exempt from a particular module you should consult the outlines of the modules that appear from the links on the module pages of this site (accessed from the module list page). If you are still unsure, you could consult the Programme Manager or the appropriate module tutor.

Those applying for exemption should complete the appropriate online form stating the module concerned together with the appropriate prior experience or aspirations which makes them believe themselves eligible for exemption, as well as their proposed, appropriate, replacement module. Following an application for exemption, candidates may be required to undertake a short test to confirm their eligibility.

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Form to apply for module exemptions