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Changing the Deadline for your PMA Submission

In the event of special, major, circumstances, students may apply for an extension to the submission date of Post Module Assignment. Extension requests received AFTER the published submission deadline will NOT be considered, although candidates may appeal to the Board of Examiners for late penalties to be waived at the time the Board meets (in November or May after you have finished your programme).

Before you consider applying it should be noted that the normal submission period includes allowance for holidays, high workload, short-term secondments and other project (& work where appropriate) related factors. 

The following will NOT be considered grounds for an extension:

  • Holiday periods,
  • Family visits,
  • Inadequate time management, a 10 CAT PMA is expected to take approximately 60 hours (1.5 weeks full-time).
  • Loss of files (you should ensure that you keep regular backups) due to personal computer failure/loss/theft.
  • Minor illness of short duration – whether accompanied by a medical note or not (short periods of incapacity are taken into account by the normal submission period and the eventuality should be planned for during PMA completion.)

  • Part-time work (for full-time students)
  • Normal pressure of work (for part-time students) - unless you can demonstrate higher than normal work-load (e.g. >55 hours per week) for an extended period (e.g. >3 weeks during the assignment preparation period)
  • Unauthorised absence from your place of study

As itemised elsewhere (see link on right hand side of this page), penalties are applied for the late submission of post module assignments. If you believe there are extreme extenuating circumstances for submitting later than the date you have been given, you should take action before the deadline is reached, the earlier the better. This action does not change your End of Registration date.

In this case you should:

  1. Explain the situation via the 'request extension' link on the relevant submission within Tabula (go to 'Coursework Management', then 'Pending Assignments') requesting a specific extension period; if your reason is medical, you will also need to provide a doctor’s note or in the case of a family funeral relevant supporting documents.
  2. The Programme Management will determine if the case is valid and note any agreed new submission date.
  3. You will receive a response to your request via Tabula.

Extension requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible during office hours, but please be aware that it may be a few days before you receive a decision.

* Please note if you are a student on one of WMG Overseas Programmes, you need to contact the overseas centre directly to request a PMA extension instead of submitting requests within Tabula.