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Changing your Module Schedule

If there are exceptional, valid, reasons for changing your allocated module schedule, you should contact your Programme Office AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EARLIEST AFFECTED MODULE. They will do their best to accommodate your request.

Valid Reasons for a move:

  • Personal reasons (e.g. attending degree ceremonies, medical reasons etc.). Holidays or visits to home countries outside the University shut-down periods are not valid reasons. (see section on absences from the University).
  • Project related reasons (e.g. module is related to subject of project, supervisor has arranged external course etc). These requests should be endorsed by the supervisor. “I want more time to do my project at the end of the year” is not a valid reason.
  • Three or more FULL-WEEK modules in a row - we try to avoid this when we are doing the scheduling, but it is sometimes essential. Two modules in a row are likely to occur, and are to be expected.

Limitations on a move:

  • Another running of the module is available - obviously, if there is no alternative running of the module, a change will not be possible.
  • Class sizes - we aim to keep class sizes balanced (so runnings of the same module have a somewhat equal number of participants) and within the maximum number laid down by the module tutor and room capacities.
  • Religious observance - we will not undertake to change module attendance because of Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Greek Orthodox Easter etc., but we will allow a mutually agreeable (and confirmed in writing) “swap” between students on different module runnings.

In addition to the issue of availability, you should bear in mind it is your responsibility to ensure that your revised programme meets the requirements for the qualification for which you are registered and any pre requisite module attendances.