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Resubmission of Work

The University allows Postgraduate students to remedy failure (within certain limits) and the Exam Board, which meets as the end of your course, has the authority to decide how this might be achieved.

When the Exam Board is considering a candidate for the first time, the Board may recommend that the candidate:

  • be required to do additional work and/or
  • be allowed to resubmit part of the course work (i.e. module assignments) - and/or
  • be allowed to revise and resubmit the project dissertation

In the case of remedying failed coursework, a maximum total of 50% of the module credits for the award may be repeated..

Re-submission of any work (module assignment or project dissertation) is allowed only once.

Where a fail is as a result of deliberate cheating, the opportunity to resubmit may not be offered.

Any re-submission allowed is normally awarded a MAXIMUM mark of 50% and will be considered by the next meeting of the Exam Board following the resubmission.

Participants may NOT re-attend a module which has been previously failed, except by express direction of the Exam Board.

Participants may not request a new assignment for a module which has achieved a pass mark at first attempt.

Participants may not request a new assignment for modules which would result in more credit than that required for their current course.