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Guidelines for Assessed Work

The following are recommendations to help you in the submission of satisfactory quality post-module work:

  • The post-module work should demonstrate to the module tutor that:

(a) You have correctly interpreted the assignment;

(b) You have become reasonably familiar with the body of knowledge covered in the module;

(c) You have mastered the application of this knowledge;

(d) You can reasonably communicate this application;

(e) You can critically assess the constraints and limitations of the application of this body of knowledge and discuss them in a coherent manner.

  • The work submitted should be in a neat and presentable form. The latter entails that:

(a) The post-module work be word-processed to fit on A4 paper

(b) The post-module assignment sheet, as set, be included at the front of the work.

(c) The pages be numbered and there should be a table of contents;

(d) It be enclosed in the standard departmental cover provided

  • It is suggested that to satisfactorily complete most assignments the effort put into the post-module assignment should be equivalent to that required for a final year written examination, that is approximately 60 hours (for a 10 credit module). However, remember that it is primarily the quality of the work that is the important feature. As a nominal guide a post-module assignment for a 10 credit module would normally be in the order of 4000 words, but individual module tutors may set other word limits. Assignments which grossly exceed tutor's set limit may be penalised.
  • Post-module assignments are expected to be submitted to Tabula within four to eight weeks of completion of the particular module to which the assignment belongs (depending on the programme); the exact deadline will be communicated with the assignment. Post module work that is late will be penalised. Extensions will only be granted under very exceptional circumstances such as illness (in which case proof must be provided in the form of a Doctor's certificate etc.) or similar serious circumstances. Attendance on other modules, holiday periods, pressure of work (for part-time students) etc. are not considered valid causes for extension by the University. For all the Overseas Programmes, please note that PMA extensions must be requested to the student's overseas centre of studies (not through Tabula).
  • The post-module work that you submit is kept on file for the examining board and it is not returned to you, so you should keep a copy. Within a reasonable time after the submission deadline (usually 20 working days) you will receive an assessment sheet that provides your mark and also the module tutor's comments.