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Concern over Awarded Marks

Once marks have been awarded and issued, they cannot be changed without the approval of the Examination Board.

In circumstances where you are unhappy over an assignment mark that has been awarded, or any aspect of the feedback given, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. You should make an appointment with the Module Tutor or write/email to the Module Tutor (care of the relevant Programme Office/Co-ordinator); the tutor should be willing to discuss the work and amplify the explanatory comments. However, you should present a reason for the consultation request; thus when you submit your request for clarification/an appointment, you should be specific as to your concerns. Requests which merely ask for a higher mark (possibly because all other marks have been higher) without any further clarification will not be contemplated.
  2. If, during that discussion, the Module Tutor realises that he/she may have overlooked something in the assessment, he/she will contact the Examination Board (in writing), notifying them of the oversight. However, unless an administrative or clerical error can be demonstrated, no mark will be adjusted before the Examination Board has considered the case, as this will form part of the module moderation process.
  3. You should note that the University does not accept “appeals” against academic judgement. All modules pass through a moderation process, in which at least a sample of scripts are double marked by another assessor and the outcome of that process is reported to the Board of Examiners. As a result of this process marks may be adjusted (up or down) in light of the moderation of all the scripts for that module in any particular academic year.

Should you fail one or more of your assignments you may apply to the Programme Manager for permission to undertake a new assignment. The resubmitted assignment will be subject to acceptance by the Board of Examiners and will record a MAXIMUM mark of 50%. Such requests may only be made AFTER you have passed at least half the coursework credits for your degree (and then only if the failure is NOT due to deliberate plagiarism or late penalties); the timing of the issue of new assignments will be at the discretion of the Programme Manager and (particularly for full-time students) is unlikely to be authorised before the project dissertation has been submitted so as not to jeopardise effort which would otherwise be devoted to completion of the project. It is unlikely that any period of extension would be granted merely for completion of additional assignments; if it is not possible to complete new assignments within the defined registration period, consideration for additional modules will normally be deferred for Exam Board consideration. Re-attempts for modules failed due to late penalties or deliberate plagiarism may ONLY be approved by the Board of Examiners at the end of your course.