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Electronic Submission of Assignments

The method of submitting Post Module Work is electronic following the process set out below. Please note that failure to fully comply with the requirements may result in a reduced mark and or assignments being rejected and or delayed.

Please note that electronic submission following these guidelines only applies to Post Module Assignments (PMA). If there is a valid reason why you are unable to submit via the electronic process outlined below, then you should seek permission from the Programme Manager to submit a hard copy – but this MUST be accompanied by an electronic version of the assignment on disk. The deadline for submission in this form is the same as for electronic submission.

Process and Timing

Document Formatting

Quality Control


E-Submission: Process & Timing

PMA will be normally printed onto A4 sized paper using a monochrome printer before being passed on to the Module Tutor for marking; some tutors will mark the electronic version. The tutor will also pass the assignments through the TurnitinUk Source Matching software to check for copied material.

To submit your assignment electronically:

  • Navigate from the PMA submission page (see link on RHS of this page) on the course MSc web-site to the appropriate module for which you wish to submit your assignment. (Note unless otherwise indicated by the module tutor, the assignment should be a single file, in Word or pdf format. It should be named with the module code, e.g. FACS; Tabula will automatically prefix your university number to the file name)
  • You will need to sign in to Tabula, if you're not already signed in.
  • The link should take you straight to the correct assignment submission page. If not, follow instructions here to find the assignment from your home screen on Tabula.
  • Click on the “Submit” button then "Choose file"
  • Browse for your file
  • Click “Add”
  • Check that the right file has been loaded; if not then remove it and start again at “Browse” (you may only submit one file, once, so make sure it is the right one), Click “done”. If you attach more than one fionle, only the first one will be considered for marking (unless the tutor has specifically asked for more than one file).
  • Review the privacy and plagiarism statements, and select the checkbox to confirm that this assignment is all your own work.
  • Click “Submit”
  • On the next screen, you'll see a confirmation message that your assignment submission has been received alongside the official time of the submission. You'll also see a submission receipt, which will be sent to you by email, and you can download the receipt as a pdf.

Please note that assignments should only be submitted by the above method; they should not be emailed directly to the Module Tutor, or any other address. Please also be aware that - once the deadline has passed - in the case of multiple submissions it is the first one received that will be processed; neither can changes nor additions be accepted once an assignment has been received, so please ensure that you print and check your submission before submitting it! If you have changes to make before the deadline, then there will be no block to uploading an amended version. Just follow the usual submission instructions. The deadline for receipt is the same irrespective of the submission method; PMA must be received on Tabula by the submission time (see RHS) on the stated due date. It is Tabula's date and time that will be used as the date stamp.


E-Submission: Document formatting

Assignments should be completed in the normal manner, and the print-ready document uploaded to the appropriate web-page using the technique outlined above. It is strongly recommended that submissions are in Adobe pdf format, however Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx or .rtf ) are also acceptable but NOT .docm. If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Writer to convert to pdf format available on your system, then you can use the pdf conversion facilities provided by IT Services.

The assignment task, which should have been issued to you at the end of the module, and will be available for downloading from the appropraite module page, must be used as the front-end of your assignment. We recommend that you use this file as the starting point for your assignment, it has styles included which can be used for section headings and table of contents. The declaration does not need a scanned signature, your name can be written as normal word-processing text.

The complete assignment, including the assignment task and any diagrams, must be submitted as a single file. If incorporating any significant sized graphics, say total file size over 500K, then it is recommended that images are saved at lower resolution - photographic quality is not required where pictures are included. Use of gif images in place of bitmaps is preferable. To prevent problems we recommend an absolute maximum file size of no more than 2 Mbytes.

The use of drawing objects in Word can be problematic. It is recommended that use is made of Word Pictures, rather than inserting drawing items directly onto the page. In that way the complete image should stay together as a single entity.

To avoid possible font replacement problems, fonts should be restricted to basic system fonts (Arial & Times New Roman). For symbol type fonts both MS outlook and wingdings should work satisfactorily. Should anything apart from the fonts listed be used, then the font should be saved with the document. (In Word 2000 this can be done by: Tools, Options, Save, Embed True Type Fonts, Embed characters in use only).

To minimise pagination issues, paper size should be restricted to A4, all margins should be set to at least 1 inch / 25.4 mm with headers, footers and page numbers contained within those margins. Where a page break is specifically required then this should be inserted in the form of a hard page break (ctrl/return in Word) in place of relying on a series of 'returns'.

Some tutors will review your submission electronically, but most will request a printed version for the course administration. Assignments will be printed on a monochrome (NOT colour) printer, so you should format your work accordingly, ensuring that no meaning is lost in the monochrome printing.

Where your submission includes documents or images imported from other applications then please ensure that the included data is pasted in rather than linked and is also fully visible, rather than being saved as an Icon. In that way data from virtually any other application can be incorporated. Where anything has been incorporated from another application, then your final print and check before emailing it through is essential.


E-Submission: Quality control

Because of file version compatibility problems, pagination issues etc., it is impossible to guarantee that what is printed is what was intended. Therefore the following quality control measures are in place:

  • When you receive back the PMA feedback if you believe that you have been penalised because of printing errors, then contact should be made with the Programme Manager to discuss the matter.
  • The Module Tutor will be aware that the submission was electronic, and any issues in the printed document arising out of that should therefore not be penalised.

It must however be stressed that it is your responsibility to ensure that the University receives an adequate piece of work on-time, and you should print what would be an acceptable copy before submitting it, ensuring that the file you print is exactly the same as that which you submit.

If submitting a document in Adobe pdf format then the layout of the converted file should be checked before submission. Incorrect use of Word features can result in layout changes during conversion to pdf format.

If submitting a document in Microsoft Word, then the following procedure is strongly recommended:

  1. Save and close the document
  2. Reopen the document, print and check the document.
  3. If the document is satisfactory then close the file without resaving it and submit that version
  4. If changes are required then update the document and restart at 1.