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Preliminary Pages

Preliminary pages include everything up to the main body of the text or introduction.

The title should be as short as possible and reflect the focus of the research. Hussey and Hussey (1997 p.286) advise against phrases such as “An Approach to … “ or “A Study of…”

The title page shall give the following information in the order listed:

  1. The full title of the project and the subtitle, if any;
  2. The full name of the author, followed, if desirable, by any qualifications and distinctions;
  3. The qualification for which the dissertation is submitted (i.e. “in partial fulfilment for the Degree”);
  4. The name of the institution to which the dissertation is submitted (i.e. University of Warwick);
  5. The department and/or organisation in which the project was conducted (i.e. WMG);
  6. The month and year of submission.


(A sample Title page can be downloaded here- replace the red text - in black! - with your own information)


The Abstract should not extend beyond a single A4 side, and to facilitate this, single spaced typing is permitted for the summary only. The purpose of the summary according to Hussey and Hussey (1997 p. 286) is:

  • “to introduce the topic
  • to describe how you did the research
  • to discuss the results of what was done
  • to explain the implications of the results.”

The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS should be short and thank those who have helped you with your project. It is particularly important to thank any companies that have provided assistance.

You should indicate in a DECLARATION any material contained in the dissertation that you have used before. If the dissertation is based on joint research the nature and extent of your individual contribution must be indicated. The declaration should also include confirmation of the manner in which your project relates to the definition of projects for your degree, which will be signed off by your assessors at the oral examination. A sample Declaration Page is attached, which should be included in your dissertation.

The CONTENTS should list in sequence, with page numbers, all relevant subdivisions of the dissertation, including the title of chapters, sections and subsections, as appropriate; any appendices; the glossary; the list of references; the bibliography (if any); the index (if provided) and other functional parts of the whole dissertation (not the Preliminary Pages).

Finally BS 4821:1990 distinguishes between DEFINITIONS, that define any specific terms relevant only in this dissertation, and the GLOSSARY that provides explanations of terms or abbreviations used in the dissertation. The glossary should follow the appendices.

You should also bind in the submission pro-forma before your title page (for administrative purposes).