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Oral Component - pre 2012

The oral presentation is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate the following:

  • Understanding of problem
  • The dissertation describes their own work
  • Ability to communicate (in English) orally as well as in writing

Mark Level

Oral Component Descriptor
80% + Outstanding Presentation was extremely professional showing considerable preparation and the ability to communicate ideas concisely and effectively.  The candidate understood all the wider issues surrounding the work and had positive contributions to make in discussion.
70% + Distinction Showed that the candidate was well prepared, capable and confident in explaining the work and answering questions confidently.  The candidate understood the wider implications of the work.
60 – 69%Good Pass Showed that the candidate was fully aware of the work carried out and could handle questions about it in a satisfactory manner.
50 – 59% Pass Showed that there were areas of the project where the candidate lacked detail or was unconvincing in discussion.
40 - 49% Diploma Pass Showed an incomplete understanding of the area of work and general difficulty in handling questions without help.
< 40% Fail Presentation showed lack of understanding of the work or the actions required from it.  Unable to answer questions relating to the work.