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On-line submission of Project dissertations

You can submit a draft version of your dissertation at any time, but the final version of your project dissertation must be submitted in electronic format by the published deadline for submission; if either hard or soft copy is submitted after the deadline, then you will be penalised for late submission (at the rate of 3 marks per working day late) based on receipt of the LATER submission. Unlike your Postmodule Assignments, the project submission will be made - by you - directly to the University's Source Matching Service (TurnitinUK) at to ensure that your work complies with requirements for originality of your work (see the section of this web-site related to Cheating and associated links from that page).

On the right hand side of this page you will see a link which will enable you to down-load the instructions for using the TurnitinUK system and interpreting the results.

It is strongly advised that you also submit an early draft of your work to this system (possibly your literature survey), so that you and your supervisor can discuss the resulting reports, identify if and why you might be contravening the requirements for original work before you submit your final version and hence avoid any associated penalties. Please make sure that you have asked your supervisor to delete any drafts prior to the final submission, as you cannot make a new submission until the earlier submission is deleted.

You should have created your TurnitinUK User Profile earlier in the year (as part of your Study Skills exercise). Your user ID should be your Warwick email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the link for "Forget your password?" and follow the instructions given.

You will have been enrolled on the project submission "class". However, if you accidentally delete your enrolment, or for some reason find you are not enrolled, you can enrol/re-enrol for the project submission "class" following the steps in the instruction document (see link on the RHS of this page).