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Choose Your Project

MSc Research Areas

When you have found a project of interest, you can arrange a meeting with the project supervisor to discuss the project in more detail by pressing the INTERVIEW button. This will automatically send an e-mail to the appropriate supervisor and he/she will contact you with suggested times for a meeting.

The system will only allow you to select ten suggested Research Areas in any seven day period, so be selective and only apply for appropriate areas.

Once you have decided which project you are most interested in, you should apply for it using the APPLY button on the project description page.

You will be notified of the supervisor's decision as soon as it is made, after which, assuming you are successful in your application, you should contact your supervisor and start work on the project immediately. If you are not successful, you will have to select another suggested Research Area and apply for it.

For further information see the WMG Postgraduate Handbook.