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Final Submission

Submission must be made to Tabula by your specified deadline. No hard copies are required.

All projects should have a copy of the submission pro-forma (see link on RHS of this page) in the front of the dissertation.

Late Penalties

Any dissertations received after the stated deadline will be subject to a late penalty deduction of 5 marks per working day late, up to a maximum of 10 working days late - for students that started from academic year 19/20

After this period the work may be counted as a non-submission. The only exception to this will be where students have justifiable reasons for applying for (and being granted) an extension to their submission date . It is for this reason that students are urged to plan their submission timetable in advance, allowing plenty of time to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Note - submission after the deadline time on the submission day will count as 1 day late.

(*students enrolled before academic year 19/20 will have the old penalty rulings apply i.e. a deduction of 3 marks per working day late*).