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Module Outlines

DISCONTINUED: Creating a Profitable e-Business
Digital Marketing Systems and Techniques
e-Business Fundamentals
DISCONTINUED: e-Health Technologies
DISCONTINUED: Eco-Design & Sustainable Manufacturing
eCustomer Relationship Management
Electronic Health Records Systems
Energy Storage and High Voltage Systems for HEV Applications
Enterprise Cyber Security
Enterprise Information Systems
Epidemiological and Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement
ERP Integration
Establishing a New Business
The External Financial Environment
Finance for eBusiness
Financial Analysis & Control Systems (15 credit)
DISCONTINUED: Financial Analysis and Decision Making
Financial Analysis and Control Systems (10 credit)
Financial Strategy
DISCONTINUED: Fundamentals of Patent Drafting
DISCONTINUED: Fundamentals of Process Engineering
DISCONTINUED: Global eBusiness
Global Business Environment
Globalisation and Outsourcing
Health and Safety, Risk and Environment
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Espionage and Counterfeiting
Industrial Processes
Information and Communication Technologies
DISCONTINUED: Information Modelling and Systems Analysis
Information Risk Management and Governance
Information Systems Management
Innovation - SPP
DISCONTINUED: Integrated Logistics Support
International Joint Ventures
International Patent Fundamentals
International Trade
Introduction to Health Informatics
Knowledge Based Asset Management
Leadership and Excellence
Leading Change
Leading Change in Healthcare
Leading Performance
Lean Principles and Application
Lean Principles and Application (FT)
Legal Aspects of Global Business
Lightweight Materials and Structures
Logistics and Operations Management (10 credit)
Machining Technology
Management Accounting
Management of Change
Managing the Multi-Project Programme Environment
Manufacturing Process Technology
Manufacturing Technology
Materials Selection and Application
DISCONTINUED: Network Defence
Operational Management and Clinical Systems Improvement
DISCONTINUED: Operations & Supply Chain Integration
Operational and Strategic Finance
Operations Strategy for Industry
Organisations, People and Performance
Packaging Technology and Development
Performance Evaluation and Control
People in Organisations
Personal Leadership & Change
Problem Solving with Statistics
Process Improvement using Six Sigma
Procurement & Inventory Management
Product Design and Development Management
Product Excellence using Six Sigma
Product Life Cycle Management
Programme & Project Strategy
Project Financial Management
Project Planning, Management and Control
Propulsion Technology for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications
Quality and Productivity in Health Service Systems
Quality Management & Techniques
Quality, Reliability and Maintenance
DISCONTINUED: Reliability & Maintenance Management & Techniques
Reputation and Relationship Management
Research Methodology
Resource Management in Healthcare Service Delivery
Robust Decision Making
DISCONTINUED: Robust Design and Development
Sales and Sales Management
Security Architectures and Network Defence
Service Design and Delivery
Service Support Technologies
DISCONTINUED: Simulation of Operations
Storage and Warehousing Techniques
Strategic Decision Making
Strategic Marketing
Study Skills
Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Management