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Big Data, Analytics & Visualisation

Runs over 2 weeks, including Saturdays.


This module aims to enable participants to understand the principles, challenges and opportunities offered to organisations (particularly eBusinesses) by Big Data. The focus of the module will be primarily on the management implications, rather than technical specifics of a Big Data architecture and/or analytics (both of which are introduced). Following from this, the module will also focus on the visualisation of Big Data, and of the insights derived from Big Data analytics, to support management decision making.


To understand the differences between Big Data architectures and traditional data warehouses, and the business scenarios in which one is preferable to the other.
To develop an awareness of best practices in data visualisation and the use of visualisation software.
To be able to utilise Big Data and visualisation in organisational decision making environments.


Big Data Technologies

  • Core Concepts of Big Data
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Hadoop Workshop


  • Core Concepts of Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Decision Analytics
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics

Decision Science & Visualisation

  • Key Topics in Decision Science
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Visual Communication
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Visualisation Software

Big Data and Visualisation in eBusiness Decision Making

  • Practical Simulation of the Above Topics
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