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DISCONTINUED: Biotechnology for Engineers and Managers

Biotechnology for Engineers & Managers has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


This module extends the ‘Bioprocessing’ lectures given as part of the ‘Industrial Processes’ module and will provide the MSc students with non-biological backgrounds with an overview of biotechnology including basic microbiology and molecular biology. It will then explain and illustrate how it is utilised by industry in a range of diverse processes.

OBJECTIVES – on completion of this module successful participants will have:

  • A broad knowledge of the basis of biotechnology and current applications.
  • A conceptual understanding of microbiology/cell biology and molecular biology
  • Comprehensive first hand practical experience of two current biotechnological processes
  • A more detailed sound theoretical understanding of a limited number of biotechnological processes and scale up from the laboratory to practical industrial exploitation
  • A sound perspective of how biotechnology can be deployed creatively in the future to benefit the environment


  • An overview of biotechnology:
    - what is biotechnology?
  • The basics of microbiology and cell biology:
    - the different types of microbes
    - eukaryotes, prokaryotes
    - cell culture
  • The basics of molecular biology:
    - DNA and the genetic code
    - DNA manipulation
  • Introduction to how biotechnology is currently exploited at the industrial level
    - an overview of the different applications of biotechnology
  • Comprehensive examples of biotechnological applications:
    - detailed examples of food biotechnology and pharmaceutical biotechnology
    - scaling up from laboratory discovery to industrial application
    - a whole day visit to a high-tech biotechnological operation with prior oral
    - a half day visit to a low tech biotechnological operation with prior oral
    - short oral presentation by each student on an industrial biotechnological
  • Biotechnology and the future
    - opportunities to exploit biotechnology for the benefit of the environment.

DURATION – 5 days