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DISCONTINUED: Business Information Systems Design

Business Information Systems Design has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


Competitive market pressures are forcing companies to attain new levels of performance. To achieve this companies are, having to re-design their fundamental business processes using IT systems. A modern company will have many IT applications that it needs to build and manage to compete effectively. Some of these will be to help turnaround the company, some will be to enable future business strategy, some will be important to the operation of the business “factory”, and others are important as support tools. Unfortunately huge amounts of money, time and other resources get wasted because most IT systems fail in some respect. This module examines how a company decides what IT applications it needs and how they should be managed, with particular emphasis on a process orientated view of the organisation and the enabling role played by information technology.

The module illustrates that a business can only do what it’s IT enabled processes will allow and places equal emphasis on technical and business issues. A case study approach is adopted, focusing on the design of an application portfolio for example businesses.


On completion, participants will be capable of:

  • Identifying core business processes.
  • Eliciting, modelling, and analysing process detail.
  • Understanding the activities involved in synthesising a redesigned business process
  • Identifying appropriate technologies
  • Discussing the organisational issues raised by business change
  • Generating an application portfolio
  • Managing the application portfolio


  • Framework for business change
  • Key applications such as MRP
  • Process modelling
  • Creative process synthesis.
  • Enabling technologies.
  • Organisational issues.
  • Case studies.
  • Syndicate exercises.
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