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DISCONTINUED: Bio-technology, Bio-processing & Pharmaceutical Manufacture

Bio-technology, Bio-processing & Pharmaceutical Manufacture has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


The module will allow students an opportunity to study the importance of biological factors in process technology. The primary aim of the module is to present the fundamental principles of microbiology and molecular biology in a way that is accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. This will be achieved by detailed consideration of selected industrial case studies ensuring relevance of microbiological understanding throughout the module.

The module also aims to give students an understanding of the exploitation of biotechnology in process technology and how this has been/can be achieved. The student will acquire an integrated understanding of the breadth and depth of biotechnological processes whilst recognising that the value of biotechnology is more likely to be assessed by business, government and consumers in terms of commercial success.


The introduction to this module will emphasise the diversity and ubiquity of microbial form and function, and the advances made in molecular biology relevant to biotechnological exploitation and process application.

The biotechnical component will consider: genetic and molecular biology developments pertinent to the commercial exploitation; biological, particularly microbiological, monitoring and control of raw materials, processes and final product; the principles of bioremediation and effluent treatment; the exploitation of biotechnology in the production of high value added product. These will be addressed primarily via case studies.

A major component of the syllabus will be the use of case studies to identify and emphasise the microbiological points of impact. Fundamental microbiological principles will be integrated with consideration of environmental, industrial and consumer legislation.

There will be two industrial visits, one to a pharmaceutical manufacturer and one to a calcium carbonate plant.

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