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Coaching for Performance


To Create skills and knowledge of coaching for business managers attending part-time programmes in WMG. These managers have responsibility for implementing (usually technology-driven) change programmes, typically from client firms such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, UTC, Sellafield etc.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Access, understand, critically evaluate and apply the coaching “body of knowledge”
  • Differentiate between different models of coaching and choose the most appropriate tool for coaching practice.
  • Differentiate between coaching, therapy and counselling, understand the boundaries and limits of coaching and ethical considerations in practice.
  • Apply and further develop their coaching skills in an organisational setting
  • Understand the issues and controversies in successful implementation of organisational coaching programmes and practice


An introduction to coaching, business benefits and practice. Models of coaching, basic coaching skills. Contracting, ethics and best practice. Transactional Analysis approach to coaching. Practical application. Coaching for Business Performance. Practical application Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching, Practical application. Coaching for change and transformation. Practical application.

Coaching practice, completing learning logs and reviewing with module tutors

Review of Coaching Practice. Additional models of Coaching: Controversies in Coaching
Coaching skills surgery and co-coaching. Action Plans for the Future. PMA.


Marks returned as a single consolidated mark following submission of a Post Module Assignment.


40 hours