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DISCONTINUED: Digital Design Collaboration

Digital Design Collaboration has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.

This module introduces you to the way in which new products are designed and projects managed. We start with looking at how the need for a new product is recognised, how customer requirements are identified and how to organise the management of the design process.

Using a combination of lectures, demonstrations and 'hands-on' computer-based practical activities, we look at Concept and scheme design (e.g. the general arrangement of parts and design features) and then detailed design (for example: the creation of product geometry).

You will use computer-based tools to model and analyse the design information and management process and investigate the capabilities of the current generation of commercial software.

Our aim is to give you the necessary understanding of what happens in a typical design environment and how the software tools operate in order that you can achieve this module's objectives which are for you to be able to:

  • use current generation CAD software to develop basic engineering designs and evaluate how such software can be used for more complex cases;
  • visually interpret design analyses
  • critically assess the opportunities for applying digital design technologies to a range of engineering business requirements;
  • evaluate what design information needs to be communicated with other business functions, primarily with manufacturing.
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