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e-Business Fundamentals


This module addresses accelerating change and competitiveness in a client-driven environment, the use of ever more sophisticated IT and emerging lifestyles whilst maintaining robust core business values and commercial and operational integrity.

This module allows the participants to examine the impact of eBusiness techniques on individual oranisations, and it provides a structure within which delegates are able to place learning from subsequent specialist modules in context.

It enables delegates to approach the use of developing electronic technologies for business management from a new perspective. In the past the use of communication has been used as an enabler to enhance business practice. In this module delegates will consider the eBusiness and eCommerce techniques as a structural core around which traditional business processes can be mapped, thus providing organisations with the potential for massive improvement in the way in which their enterprises are managed.


On completing the module the participants will be able:

  • To understand the key drivers and uses of eBusiness technology in organisations.
  • To develop an appreciation of how eBusiness technologies and techniques impact upon business models and identify new opportunities to support and optimise business processes.
  • To utilise online tools to produce and publish information


eBusiness Core Concepts

  • Themes in eBusiness
  • eTransformation
  • eCollaboration

Management of eBusiness

  • Business models for eBusiness
  • Creating an eBusiness
  • eSupply Chain Management
  • International eBusiness
  • Security
  • Legal Matters

eBusiness Marketing

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media
  • eCustomer Relationship Management

Collaborative Work

  • Building and editing a Wiki website


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