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DISCONTINUED: Eco-Design & Sustainable Manufacturing

Eco-Design & Sustainable Manufacturing has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


In order to gain competitive advantage and become sustainable in the long run, industry needs to integrate the needs of the customer with those of the society so that a more equitable balance can be achieved between economy, ecology and community. The main objective of this course is to provide a clear and in-depth understanding of sustainability and sustainable development and their application in product design and manufacture. The aim is to train a new generation of product designers and business leaders to lead, develop and implement the strategic change from conventional design and manufacturing to eco-innovative product design and sustainable manufacturing and pave the way for the green economy of the future. Product designers should use eco-innovation and life cycle design and management tools and techniques when planning new products and services. The industry needs to utilise sustainable and clean manufacturing technologies and produce eco products and services that are based on life cycle design principles and environmental impact analysis. Eco innovative products and sustainable manufacturing technologies will need to be developed to minimise our material and energy consumption more sustainable. The principles of sustainability and sustainable development will need to put into practice by designers and business leaders who understand the principles of sustainability in design and manufacture and are equipped with appropriate tools and sustainable technologies to help the industry and society change course towards sustainable development.


To provide the basic principles of design for sustainability in product design, development and manufacture and alternative life cycle design strategies and methods that can be used to lead, organise, manage & implement the strategic move towards from conventional product design and manufacture to sustainable product-service systems.

  1. To understand the need for sustainability and sustainable development in design, manufacture and product life cycle optimisation.
  2. To gain insight into the principles and applications of tools and methodologies for product impact assessment and sustainability analysis.
  3. To understand and familiarise with alternative product life cycle design for embedding sustainability in design and manufacture of products and manufacturing & service processes by integrating economic performance with environmental and social performance to attain competitiveness and sustainable development and change course towards the green economy of the future.
  4. To appreciate the need for redesign of existing products and processes and design new eco-innovative production-consumption systems that are optimised for minimum resource consumption and are in harmony our natural environment and the needs of the society.



1. Introduction to Eco Design & Sustainable Manufacture

2. Sustainability & Sustainable Development

3. Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

4. Principles of Eco Product Design & Development

5. Sustainable / Renewable Energy Options

6. Alternative Energy / Power Generation

7. Sustainable Transport - Low Carbon Vehicles

8. Sustainable Construction – Low Impact Energy Efficient Buildings

9. Eco Efficiency: Energy Efficiency & Resource Management

10. Eco Materials & Their Applications in Product-Service Design

11. Product Life Cycle Design & Management

12. Life Cycle Modelling & Analysis

13. Product-Service Systems: Design & Optimisation of Product Life cycle

14. Tools & Methods for Impact Assessment & Sustainability Analysis

15. Eco Innovation: Eco Product Design & Innovation

16. ED&SM Case Studies

17. ED&SM Workshop



25% in-module case study, 75% post module assignment