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Financial Analysis & Control Systems (15 credit)


This module is the first of two finance modules. It aims to provide a basic understanding of financial management of a business, developing on that to give students the ability to analyse critically the financial data produced by a business, and relate this to the underlying operations of the business.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to

  1. Interpret the basic business accounting statements
  2. Differentiate between the different methods of measuring financial performance within a business
  3. Critically analyse financial data to generate further information
  4. Provide a critical interpretation of the relationship between the operational performance of a business and the financial measures of the business
  5. Critically appraise the financing decisions made by business.


  • Control of Business Resources.

  • Financial Reports.

    • The Balance Sheet.

    • Assessment and Reporting of Profit.

    • Cash Flow Statements.

  • Structured Approach to Ratio Analysis.

  • Cash Flow - Its Control and Implications to the Business.

  • Profit/Volume Relationships and the Calculation and Interpretation of Performance Indicators.

  • Costing and Techniques to Ascertain, Recover and Control Costs.

  • Activity Based Costing.

  • Budgetary Control Systems and Techniques.

  • Capital Expenditure Evaluation and Financial Evaluation of Projects including Net Present Value.

  • Evaluation of different sources of finance available to business


In module group work (30% weighting)

Post module assessment, 3,500 words (70% weighting)


One week (or equivalent)