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DISCONTINUED: Fundamentals of Patent Drafting


A knowledge based economy is built on technological innovations and patents are an important legal tool for the protection of technological innovations as well as important assets for the world of technological innovations.  Because a patent are defined in its entirety as a document known as a patent specification, it is essential that the drafter of a patent specification has acquired good basic skills before proceeding to patent specification drafting.
This module identifies and defines the structure of patent specification and to acquire basic patent specification drafting skills.


On completion succesful candidates will be able to:

  • Critically identify, define and critically assess the general structure of a patent specification
  • Evaluate different patent drafting techniques under different jurisdictions and acquire basic skills to identify an invention.
  • Practically apply the appropriate patent drafting techniques and draft claims which differentiate an invention from prior
  • Consider the impact on interpretation of current trends and amendments of patent drafting and know the different claim types and specific requirements in manor jurisdictions


  • General structure of a patent specification
  • Pre-drafting preparation - inventors interviewing techniques
  • Pre-drafting preparation - identifying the inventions from client provided materials and after interviewing
  • Drafting a description to support claims
  • Drafting an invention by a claim
  • Drafting a claim in light of prior art
  • Introduction to claim types/claim structures and some basis rules
  • Drafting of full specification
  • Interpretation of claims – a review of example court decisions
  • Claim amendments during application