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DISCONTINUED: Fundamentals of Process Engineering

Fundamentals of Process Engineering has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


This module provides a range of fundamental unit operations used by process engineers, who perform chemical reactions on a large scale and separate raw products into finished materials suitable for the market place. The module provides an understanding of separation process technology currently used in the modern chemical industry. It aims to develop process engineering skills which will enable students to select the appropriate methods to make the required end product.


On completion of the module, successful participants will be able to:

  • Understand the methods, apply logic and critical analysis required to identify and select the appropriate methods to convert raw materials into desired products.
  • Review and evaluate the limitations of individual operations and design methods.
  • Interact effectively with process engineers to determine the design of optimized process systems.


The module will cover Separation Processes; Distillation/Condensation, Heat and Mass Transfer, Absorption, Adsorption, Solvent Extraction, Crystallization, Drying/Evaporation, Mixing, Solids Separation and Processing, Effluent Treatment.

Materials flow between each operation and methods of material transport will be covered.

The underlying physical principles will be described for each operation.

Methods of acquiring design information will be outlined and guidance given on unit operations where design information is limited.

The advantages and limitations of established unit processes will be described, with pointers to the benefits of emerging technologies.

Students will tackle numerical examples leading to the outline specification of full scale units.


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