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Health and Safety, Risk and Environment


This module aims to enable participants to understand how organisations deal with the risks to the environment and health and safety of workers, in their operations. The module will look at risk management and use that as a framework for consideration of environmental and health and safety issues. The module will address process, manufacturing and the service industry and will examine the entire lifecycle.


  • To understand how health & safety, concern for the environment and the management of the associated risks affect the design and operation of engineering systems and process.
  • To be able to analysis engineering systems and processes to identify factors that might affect health & safety and the environment and to propose and examine the effect of mitigations.


  • Concepts of Technical Risk (as Distinct from Project Risk)
    o Basic Principles of Technical Risk
    o Technical Risk Analysis
    o Technical Risk Management
  • Safety
    o Basic Principles of Safety
    o Design for Safe Operations
    o Safety Analysis and planning
    o Incident Analysis and Management
    o Management of Safety
    o The Safety Case
  • Health
    o Basic principles of Health in the Workplace
    o Regulations and Standards
    o Human Factor Considerations
    o Health Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Effects of Operations
    o Basic Principles of Design for the Environment
    o Analysis of Environmental Effects
    o Global Issues
    o Management of the Environment
  • Industrial perspectives
    o How Different Industries Treat the Above Topics