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DISCONTINUED: Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support has been discontinued. This module is not currently being run on any WMG programme.


In order to survive in an increasingly competitive international market, it is necessary for companies to deliver a product which carries a minimum life cycle cost whilst satisfying increasingly rigorous customer requirements. This module does not merely cover in-bound/out-bound logistics but looks at the much wider scene by examining the information flows and procedures necessary to support a product in-service from initial conception through to disposal. Key themes considered are: design for supportability and maintainability, management of maintenance resources and spares availability.

The module provides a holistic view of the product life-cycle and associated costs, particularly focusing on the business implications and appropriate tools and techniques.


On completion, participants will be capable of:

  1. Appreciating the origins of, thinking behind, and business implications of ILS.
  2. Describing the ILS management techniques to control a product from initial concept, through to final disposal.
  3. Understanding the analytical processes by which design and support solutions are identified, evaluated and implemented together with the complex interactions that underlie this process, the trade-offs and effects on the business.
  4. Understanding the processes and information systems that are required to support this type of environment.


  1. Introduction to ILS and Affected Stages of the Life Cycle
  2. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
  3. Logistic Support Analysis
  4. Life Cycle Costing.
  5. Product Data Management within a supply chain including CALS
  6. Product customer support
  7. ILS Implementation and Operation, Including Spares
  8. Theme case-study
  9. Practical Exercises
  10. Case-studies


40 hours