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Industrial Processes


This module provides a broad study of chemical processing in a variety of industrial areas, such as petrochemicals, chemical and biochemical. It will include a range of advanced technologies that underpin the innovation, design and development of processes that are more efficient, cleaner and have a reduced impact on the environment. The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, and individual and group activities.


On completion of the module, successful participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehension of a range of industrial processes
  • Understand the methods of process design and apply this knowledge to selected processes and methods based on review and critical analysis of a given scenario.
  • Develop a sound knowledge of the methodologies for the design of a chemical plant and process equipment and apply them effectively at various stages of design process.


This module includes Coal Gasification, Sustainable Power Generation, Utilization of Renewable Resources, Polymer Processing, Food Processing, Process Technology for Energy Production, Liquefied Natural Gas, Hydrogen Economy and Bio-Technology.

Major types of process technologies will be described in the context of chemical technology and underlying chemistry, raw materials, historic and current trends resulting from technical development and market changes.

The module is augumented with an induastrial visit to a modern process engineering plant.

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