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DISCONTINUED: Network Defence

Network Defence has been discontinued under this title and renamed. It is not being run under this name on any WMG programme.


This module aims to develop a broad understanding of the key techniques and technologies used to defend information communication networks from attack. To provide the enterprise context within which network defence exists, the roles, processes, and impact upon the wider enterprise activities that network defence can have. To develop the ability of candidates to understand not only what is involved in network defence, but also how it contributes to an overall information and network risk-management strategy. To provide an economic context within which investments in network defence can be judged.



  • Know and comprehensively understand the key techniques currently utilised in network defence.
  • Know, understand and apply the principles and philosophies which underlie best-practice network defence in order to develop network-defence strategies.
  • Understand the role network defence can play within an enterprise information risk-management strategy, and its interaction with governance principles.
  • Learn to critique and know the limitations of typical approaches to network defence

Indicative Syllabus

  1. Network defence in the context of information risk management
  2. Core methods and technologies
  3. Limitations of network-defence methods and technologies
  4. Developing a network-defence strategy
  5. Roles and responsibilities involved in network defence
  6. Impact upon wider enterprise of network defence methods
  7. Economics of network defence
  8. Governance and legal context of network defence