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Project Planning Management and Control for Defence and Security


This module will be a pre-requisite for Managing in a Defence & Security Multi-Project/Programme Environment


Project Management is an essential competence for managers and leaders. Many organisations deliver their capability to clients and customers through projects. Even if our product or service is not delivered through projects, the way we develop new products, improve internal processes and enhance our capability is usually through projects. The module aims to teach the generic principles of Project Management Planning and Control for any project in any environment, but will then focus on the specific approaches, tools and techniques that are relevant to wider technology management projects in a defence and security environment.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  1. Interpret the requirements for the effective management of projects of different types, scale, complexity, and risk within the organisational environment.
  2. Select and apply appropriate project planning, management and control approaches and techniques in different circumstances and critically evaluate their use.
  3. Contribute to the formulation and management of project teams throughout the extended project life-cycle and critically evaluate team performance.
  4. Deliver small projects effectively and contribute to the delivery of larger projects
  5. Do all of the above in the context of International Technology Management projects in an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Defence and Security Environment


  • Definitions of Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (P3M)
  • Project lifecycles and methodologies
  • Characteristics of different projects in different environments (Type, Scale, Complexity, Uncertainty, Volatility, Ambiguity and Risk)
  • Tools and techniques for the planning management and control of time, cost, performance and risk
  • Formulation and Management of project teams
  • Selection of appropriate methodologies and tools
  • Project Management Exercise
  • Case Studies of project management in technology management and defence and security


4,000 to 5,000 Assignment (80% weighting) plus In-module Assessment (20% weighting)


1 week; including 16 hours of lectures, 5 hours of tutorials, 12 hours of Practical Class/Workshops