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Project, Programme and Portfolio Management – Delivery


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The module aims to introduce and examine the issues of creation, structuring and operation within the Project, Programme and Portfolio management (P3M) environment. Participants will develop the capability to effectively and efficiently operate and deliver projects, programmes or portfolios.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Prepare, evaluate and maintain definitions of the requirements of a project
  • Evaluate options and determine the most appropriate solution to satisfy requirements within the context of a project’s objectives and constraints
  • Discuss and critically evaluate the requirements of a project and develop a plan for securing the provision of resources needed for a project from internal and/or external providers
  • Agree contracts and statements of work for the provision of goods and/or services, monitor compliances, and manage variances. Be able to discuss the various options available
  • Develop, maintain and apply quality management processes for activities and outputs
  • Plan and control the finances of related projects and business-as-usual activities within a programme, as a means of driving performance and as part of the organisation’s overall financial management
  • Prepare and maintain an overall schedule for resource use across projects in a programme, which sequences outcomes in order to enable the efficient realisation of benefits
  • Evaluate frameworks, and methodologies used to ensure that the management of programmes will be comprehensive and will be consistent across different projects


  1. Requirements management
  2. Solutions development
  3. Procurement
  4. Contract Management
  5. Quality management
  6. Benefits management
  7. Transition management
  8. Financial management
  9. Resource capacity planning
  10. Frameworks and methodologies
  11. Independent assurance


A post-module assignment of 6,000 words


44 hours (in one intensive study week)