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Project, Programme and Portfolio Management – Environment


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The aim of this module is to provide students with a systematic understanding of knowledge within the Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management (P3M) environment. Students will gain a critical awareness of challenges in the areas of governance, professionalism, ethics, managing others, and planning. They will be able to consider and develop new insights in the project, programme and portfolio management environment, through appraisal of tools and methods applied to this discipline, and their application through reference to both academic theory and professional practice


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Manage Project, Programme, and Portfolio (P3M) teams by applying tools and methods in practice within the field including leadership, and evaluate methodologies and develop critiques of them.
  • Manage stakeholders by engaging, communicating and influencing across a range of organisational levels, paying due regard to ethical considerations.
  • Approach complex issues, and governance, within and around a business case, both systematically and creatively, in order to achieve appropriate planning, scheduling, risk and change management, based on sound judgement developed from tools and methods based in practice
  • Manage budgets and operations within the context of P3M both systematically, and by making sound judgements, in the absence of complete data and be able to communicate the consequent outcomes


1. Governance arrangements in the project, programme, and portfolio (P3M) environment
2. Stakeholder and communications management
3. P3M Reviews
4. Change control
5. The Business case
6. Ethics, compliance, and professionalism
7. Team management
8. Conflict management
9. Leadership in the project environment
10. Schedule management
11. Risk, opportunity, and issue management
12. Resource management
13. Budgeting and cost control
14. Consolidated planning


A coursework of approximately 3600 - 4400 Words (80%), and in module assessment (20%)


1 week