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Project, Programme and Portfolio Management – Environment


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The module aims to introduce and examine the issues of governance, professionalism and ethics, managing people and planning within the Project, Programme and Portfolio management (P3M) environment. Participants will develop the capability to ensure effective and efficient project, programme or portfolio definition and initialisation.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Understand and evaluate the keys element of the management of Project, Programme, and Portfolio (P3M) teams
  • Understand and discuss the ethical and legal considerations in dealings with stakeholders, members of teams, and the organisation
  • Identify and monitor risks (threats and opportunities), plan and implement responses to them
  • Prepare and maintain schedules for change initiatives, taking account of dependencies and resource requirements
  • Develop and discuss budgets, e.g. change initiatives, and mechanisms to control forecasts and actual costs against budgets
  • Manage stakeholders, taking into account their differing levels of influence, seniority and of their particular interests – proposing appropriate stakeholder management plans with justifications
  • Understand and discuss the preparation of business cases that justify the initiation of change initiatives. Critically evaluate business plans such that the approval process can be understood.


1. Governance arrangements in the project, programme, and portfolio (P3M) environment
2. Stakeholder and communications management
3. P3M Reviews
4. Change control
5. The Business case
6. Ethics, compliance, and professionalism
7. Team management
8. Conflict management
9. Leadership in the project environment
10. Schedule management
11. Risk, opportunity, and issue management
12. Resource management
13. Budgeting and cost control
14. Consolidated planning


Post Module Assignment of 6,000 words


44 hours (in one intensive study week)