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Module Notes

Please note that you do NOT need to print anything out. ALL the notes will be given to you at the beginning of the week.

Please note also, that there are three lots of group work involved in this module and that you will need to organise yourselves during the week to ensure that the work gets done. This may mean that you meet at the end of the day.

15th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE:Introduction to the Module (PDF Document)
15th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: SESA: A Simple Enterprise Security Architecture (PDF Document)
    A paper presented to CFET 2012 (Computer Forensics Education and Training) conference is available here for those of you interested (PDF Document)
15th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: The Cyber Security Landscape (PDF Document)
    Please note that there is a lot for us to cover in this session. Hence the next session "Budget Day" may be postponed to later in the week in place of the session entitled "Whats it got to do with the InfoSec Director"  
15th 10:45-12:15 SEMINAR: Budget Day (PDF Document)
15th 1:45-5:00

GUEST LECTURE: David Emm (Senior Technology Consultant) and Ram Herkanaidu (Education Manager) from Kaspersky Anti Virus. I will upload the notes for this when (if) they become available. Please make an effort to learn about Kaspersky and the work that they do before this session.

PLEASE NOTE: this session is in IMC105

15th 5:15-6:45 SEMINAR: Explanation of seminar tasks for the week  
16th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: Security Principles (PDF Document)
16th 10:45-12:15 LECTURE: The Threat EcoSystem (PDF Document)
16th 1:45-5:00 SEMINAR: Red Team Blue Team, The Cleaner, presentation discussion at approximately 4:15
16th 5:15-6:45 INDIVIDUAL TASK: Cyber Security in the Wireless Vehicle TASK 1  
17th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: Phishing and Pharming (PDF Document)
17th 10:45-12:15 GUEST LECTURE: Patrick Green - Investigating Security Incidents.  
17th 1:45-3:15 LECTURE: Understanding Attacks in more detail  (PDF Document)
17th 3:30-6:45

GROUP SEMINAR: Cyber Security in the Wireless Vehicle TASK 2

18th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: The AAA of Security (PDF Document)
18th 10:45-12:15 SEMINAR: Consideration of a Previous Assignment. Mindful that this is your first module, in this session, you will receive a number of last years assignments, you will assess them  
18th 1:45-3:15 SEMINAR: What's it got to do with the Info Sec Director??  
18th 3:30-6:45 GROUP SEMINAR: Cyber Security in the Wireless Vehicle TASK 2  
19th 9:00-10:30 LECTURE: Firewalls and Network Defence (PDF Document)
19th 10:45-12:15 GROUP SEMINAR: Cyber Security in the Wireless Vehicle TASK 2  
19th 1:45-3:15 PRESENTATION: Cyber Security in the Wireless Vehicle
19th 3:30-5:00 SEMINAR: Assignment Discussion