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Systems Modelling and Simulation

This is a course module on the MSc in Sustainable Automotive Engineering. It is also elective on other WMG courses including MSc in Smart, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicles.


This module will provide a comprehensive understanding and practical experience of the modelling and simulation of physical systems within an automotive context.


  • Develop a detailed theoretical and practical understanding of the derivation of ordinary differential equations and the construction of build models using a block diagram approach.
  • Develop the ability of course attendees to choose the most applicable numerical methods to obtain solutions that balance the trade-off between simulation speed and accuracy.
  • Develop a detailed theoretical and practical understanding of the principle of model causality and an ability to analyse and predict system behaviour within both the time and frequency domains.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the different methods of model verification and validations and be able to synthesise a framework for model correlation within the context of the simulation aims and objectives.


  • 1-D Multi Physics System Simulation within the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic domains.
  • Physical Modelling using ordinary differential equations (ODE's) and state variable block diagram modelling methods for both linear and non-linear systems.
  • Eigen-value calculation & transfer-function analysis of physical automotive systems within the frequency domain and time domain.
  • The design and construction of behavioural models of physical systems using Finite State Machines (FSM).
  • Numerical integration methods including solver selection and its impact on simulation stability and accuracy.
  • The use of simulation methods, including Co-Simulation/Embedded/Real Time Application
  • The role of verification and validation techniques within systems modelling and simulation analysis.


5 days full-time

Consisting of presentations, interactive seminars, syndicate activites including simulations

Method of Assessment

Post Module Assignment of c. 3000 words