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Sales and Sales Management


Selling is a technique which is quite different from that of Marketing and Business Development.

It is an essential element of trading. Students need to understand the theory and then be able to skilfully apply the methods and techniques to create orders for the products or services provided by their business. Students likely to be undertaking any customer facing business activity, face to face negotiations or raising capital will benefit from this module.

The objectives of the module are to acquire the following knowledge and skills and to be able to apply them in the Real World of Business.

  • The Sales Process
  • The Different Types of Selling Techniques
  • The Management of Sales and the Sales Team


On completion, participants will be capable of:

  1. Understanding the Sales Process
  2. Articulating the key product/process benefits
  3. Aware of the different methods and tools employed
  4. Creating a customized sales process
  5. Planning activity and processes to meet the business needs
  6. Understanding of the issues relating to managing a sales team


  1. Understanding the difference between marketing, negotiating and selling.
  2. Different types of selling and the techniques associated with them.
  3. The Eternal Triangle (Sales team, Organisation and Client)
  4. Sales Force organisation
  5. The Role of the Sales Manager
  6. The Ethics of Selling
  7. International Selling
  8. The Psychological aspects of Sales


5 Days


Group Presentation based on Business Case scenario 30% and individual Post Module Assignment 70%