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Strategic Thinking in the Supply Chain


The purpose of this module is to help participants analyse and discuss how good strategic decisions are made and to help them effectively apply their learning in the workplace. The context and most of the examples for the module are rooted in Supply Chain. However, the skills you will develop are generally applicable to business.

The module has two broad aims: STSC is the first module in SCLP and it aims to ‘signpost’ the other modules so that you can begin to see the coherence of the course as a whole. Firstly, it will demonstrate that strategy is a complex but essential activity for business – and personal - success. Participants will see that strategy is a collaborative process which is only meaningful when hard choices are faced, decisions made and actions taken. Secondly, the module provides a foundation for further study for those working in or closely with supply chains.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role of a business strategy, and its relationship with organisational vision, mission, values and culture, and in particular consider the role of the supply chain in delivering corporate objectives
  • Critique and/or develop sources of competitive advantage, in relation to the external and internal factors that affect a business
  • Analyse the interface between different parts of an organisation, appreciate the expectations of stakeholders both inside and outside of the organisation, and recommend how to manage them.
  • Interpret, critically evaluate and apply appropriate strategy theories, tools and techniques to issues in the learner's workplace
  • Create a business strategy and implementation plan for a part of the organisation in which the learner works and propose how this will deliver tangible benefit to the business.


The objectives are achieved by considering how various elements contribute to good strategy:

  1. A structured methodology to develop and implement strategy
  2. Knowledge in selected fields relevant to supply chain strategy
  3. The necessity of collaborating and consulting with others to develop and successfully implement as strategy


  • Post-module assignment (3000 words, 50% weighting)
  • Video Log (10 minutes, 30% weighting)
  • In-module group presentation (30 minutes, 20% weighting)


30 hours of lectures, 10 hours of seminars, 20 hours of work based learning