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Supply Chain and Operations Management


Supply Chain and Operations Management is designed to equip future leaders with practical knowledge of how to effectively manage supply and demand within the supply network. The module will also explore the management of supply network relationships, as well as understanding the impact of efficient delivery in companies which value customer centricity. The module will also cover topics such as operations management and lean to encourage supply networks to remain efficient and cost-effective to deliver value for the customer who are central in the global economy


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast different supply chain strategies for the effective supply of products and services in a range of contexts
  • Critically evaluate and adopt appropriately, elements of operations management for successful supply chain process delivery.
  • Critically assess and develop effective relationships within supply networks
  • Apply relevantly and appropriately the principles, models and tools to a business issue so demonstrating the application of module learning to their business context.


  • The module will begin by focusing on understanding the fundamental principles of Supply Chain Management & Operations Management by looking at definitions, links, and fundamentals. It will establish the links to business objectives and the external world (an understanding of students own supply chain). These activities will be supported by in-module exercises to demonstrate the above principles/theory.
  • Building on this, the module will focus on the physical supply chain, by looking at topics such as network design and segmentation. Key components of Operations Management will also be established with in-module exercises focussing on Capacity/Inventory Management.
  • Focus on Network Integration - The learning will continue to build on concepts from the in-module exercises on the previous sessions to further explore control systems, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). This will provide further links into a focus on Relationships (evaluation and development) – Sourcing strategies, Costings
  • The module will proceed to look at product and information flows specifically looking into the Principles of Lean which will also be supported by in-module exercises. There will be tome to further explore practical case-studies and to allow in-module assessment preparation.
  • As a consolidation of the learning from the module, a Supply Chain and Operations Management Clinic with a focus on the PMA will be conducted. This will be followed by an in-module assessment to conclude the face to face contact.


  • Computer-based in class test (10%)- An in-module quiz to ensure that students have read the available content we have provided online, regarding a specific topic within the module.
  • Post Module Assignment (Essay) (70%)- An individual written assignment of 3,500 words.
  • Open Book Assessment (Computer-based take home test) (20%)- An open book assessment where students generate questions and answers (during the module week in dedicated forums) which will be added to a bank of pre-approved questions.