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Storage and Warehousing Techniques


A well-managed warehouse is now recognised as a potential major source of competitive advantage as opposed to just another source of cost within the supply chain. To achieve this competitive advantage, it is important to choose the right type of operation, processes and equipment, and then understand and continuously improve performance through appropriate measures and controls. Staff motivation and safety is also seen as important aspects within today’s warehouse. This module will provide an overview of all of these areas incorporating case studies, examples, guest speakers and exercises.


on completion successful participants will be able to

  • Identify the role and functions of the warehouse in today’s supply chain.
  • Understand warehouse operations, procedures and processes.
  • Improve warehouse operations utilising various techniques.
  • Describe how technology can be used to best advantage in the warehouse.
  • Analyse potential sources of cost in the warehouse and their relationship to performance.
  • Understand how to resource a warehouse and produce appropriate performance measures.
  • Discuss the environmental impact of warehousing and other key issues for the future


  • The role of the warehouse in today’s supply chain.
  • Types of Warehouse Operation and Warehouse processes.
  • Warehouse IT and automation.
  • Warehouse Layout and Equipment.
  • Warehouse simulation exercise.
  • Warehouse Costs and Performance measures.
  • Health and safety and environmental issues.
  • Procurement and management of 3rd party services.
  • Resource planning and labour management.
  • The future of warehousing.
  • Industrial visit and outsourcing presentation.


5 days