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About IDH

The Institute of Digital Healthcare was established in 2010, and was initially a five year £4m collaboration located in the International Digital Laboratory on the Central Campus of the University of Warwick.

The IDH aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing through the use of innovative digital technologies.

Our objective is to improve the quality, safety, accessibility and productivity of healthcare by supporting the implementation of digital solutions for the public, patients and professionals, underpinned by rigorous multi-disciplinary research, development and evaluation. Our model of research-led innovation in healthcare entails identifying relevant theories, selecting appropriate technologies and developing new solutions where necessary. Each solution then needs rigorous evaluation for safety, effectiveness and cost implications before promotion to healthcare systems.

All this requires close working with industry, the NHS and across many disciplinary boundaries. The IDH employs experts in biomedical and information engineering, health psychologists, a statistician and three clinicians with public health, hospital medicine and community health backgrounds. Some have spent several years working in the NHS while others have significant industry as well as academic experience. This means that we can understand and analyse most health related problems, then develop, evaluate and deploy innovative digital solutions.

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