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Neural Signal Processing: Measuring and extracting information from brain signals

Professor Christopher James

Andrew Little Lecture Series, School of Engineering, University of Warwick

9th February at 4pm. Refreshments served from 3.45pm

This talk will introduce the varied signals measured from the human brain under varying conditions and will highlight the information that these signals can yield. From the diagnosis of epilepsy, to the prediction of epileptic seizures, scalp recordings of the electrical activity of the brain can be used to tell much about when and where activity of interest is happening within the brain. However brain signal recordings can yield much more information in other areas too, such as in monitoring the behaviour of children with ADHD as well as in monitoring brain plasticity after cochlear implantation in deaf children. This presentation will talk about the issues surrounding the analysis of these complex signals and will touch on where brain signal analysis may be going – especially in brain-computer interfacing.

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