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PhD studentship on Health Informatics (Computer Science & Software Engineering in Health IT)

The Institute of Digital Healthcare is offering one PhD studentship for UK/EU students.

Wed 04 October 2017, 12:34

IDH part of a study showing that people are reluctant to use public defibrillators to treat cardiac arrests

A study led the University of Warwick suggests that people are reluctant to use public access defibrillators to treat cardiac arrests.

Wed 27 September 2017, 08:10 | Tags: Digital Health, Theo Arvanitis, Healthcare Technology, Articles

IDH Researchers help digital currency users get more rewards for exercising

Researchers at the Institute of Digital Healthcare in WMG, University of Warwick have been awarded an Innovate UK grant to assist Sweatco Ltd to further develop their app for users to earn more rewards from a broader range of exercise activities.

Thu 17 August 2017, 16:12 | Tags: Innovation, e-Health, Mark Elliott, Wellbeing

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