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> Expert comment: Increased NHS demand is reshaping the service environment

“As recent news headlines have highlighted, the demand for health and social care services is growing at an unprecedented rate. Demographic changes, presence of long-term conditions, technological advancements, and patient expectations are just some of the factors driving this growth.

by Dr Sudakshina Lahiri

Thu 09 Feb 2017, 13:48 | Tags: NHS

Largest miscarriage research centre in Europe to benefit from University of Warwick expertise

theo_arvanitis-500.jpgThe University of Warwick has been selected to be a partner in the largest miscarriage research centre in Europe.

Funded by the leading pregnancy charity, Tommy’s, researchers from the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) and Warwick Medical School (WMS), will be joining doctors from University Hospital, Coventry to investigate the causes of early miscarriage.

The Institute of Digital Healthcare, at the University of Warwick, will develop a clinical database, led by Professor Theo Arvanitis, to support the work of the Centre and improve on outcomes based on information-driven approaches.

The Centre’s clinical database will be using modules of the Comprehensive Unified Research (CURe) Framework, previously developed by IDH. The objective of the CURe framework and its associated web applications is to develop a new approach to get researchers in different specialties to start thinking of prospective studies and what data they need to collect that would be useful to them and their colleagues. Common data elements to all medical areas, as well as specialist requirements are handled by the framework. For this work the main modules on medication and basic patient information, together with a full Terminology and Vocabulary Service will be offered, to build the new database which will collect essential data on miscarriage incidents so that prevention strategies can be devised based on the analysis of these data.

Fri 22 Jan 2016, 12:26 | Tags: Digital Health, Theo Arvanitis, NHS, Press

WMG’s Institute of Digital Healthcare welcomes UHCW Chief Medical Officer as new Professor of Practice

Meghana PanditThe Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at the University of Warwick welcomes the appointment of the Chief Medical Officer for University Hospital Coventry as a new Professor of Practice.

Meghana Pandit, who is also Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the UHCW NHS Trust, has taken up a new professorial teaching fellow role at WMG.

Wed 01 Apr 2015, 14:23 | Tags: Meghana Pandit, NHS

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