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Using e-health to support the challenges of an ageing population

Researchers at our Institute of Digital Healthcare have published a systematic review on e-health based active ageing interventions.

Mon 25 Jun 2018, 09:51 | Tags: e-Health, Healthy Ageing

IDH Researchers help digital currency users get more rewards for exercising

Researchers at the Institute of Digital Healthcare in WMG, University of Warwick have been awarded an Innovate UK grant to assist Sweatco Ltd to further develop their app for users to earn more rewards from a broader range of exercise activities.

Thu 17 Aug 2017, 16:12 | Tags: Innovation, e-Health, Mark Elliott, Wellbeing

Prof Theo Arvanitis takes part in debate on digital connectivity

Theo ArvanitisProfessor Theo Arvanitis, Professor of E-Health Innovation at the Institute of Digital Healthcare, recently took part in a live debate on the subject 'How can we harness digital connectivity to create competitive advantage, and what do we need to do to enable it in business?'.

The event, organised by BQ Magazine, revealed wide understandings and diverse interests in digital connectivity, from health to gaming, and from education to business. Guests discussed everything from how texting was ‘invented’, to creating digital ‘avatars’ for future generations.

The various challenges of geographical digital connectivity were also addressed – from weak signals in rural areas to blind spots on major roads. But two key issues that came out of the debate were:
interesting businesses and public sector organisations to access high-speed internet links;
encouraging these links to be fully used to the advantages of commerce and the good of wider society.

A transcript of the debate can be read at the BQ Magazine website.