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Prof Christopher James named as Editor in Chief of IET's new journal

The Journal’s scope will be interdisciplinary, primarily focusing on the latest advances in engineering and computer and information science for healthcare. It will be most relevant to biomedical engineers and electrical engineers and computer scientists working in the biomedical field from academia and industry. This journal may also be of interest to clinical researchers and those working in medical fields seeking engineering solutions to healthcare challenges.

Submissions to ‘Healthcare Technology Letters’ will be possible in Autumn 2013 with first publication from January 2014. Original research papers up to six pages in length will be considered and videos and animations are welcomed as part of the paper.

Professor James’ research activity centres on the development of biomedical signal and pattern processing techniques, as well as the use of technological innovations for use in advancing healthcare and promoting wellbeing. Neural Engineering forms a large part of his work, as to date his work has concentrated on the development of advanced processing techniques applied to the analysis of the electromagnetic activity of the human brain, primarily in Brain-Computer Interfacing. Prof James has published over 150 papers in neural engineering.

Prof James will be support by an international editorial board representing different areas within the broad healthcare field. These board members will be appointed shortly.

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