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Wellnet: the next digital revolution of connected things

Christopher James presents at Wellnet

Technology is pervading every part of our daily lives, at home, in the work place, the enterprise, buildings, transport, machines and devices are connecting our experiences, places and markets at breathtaking speed.

This trend is now entering a new phase of embedded devices, wearable technology, ubiquitous and unobtrusive technology that is moving beyond today's social networks, data and services.

With Apple rumoured to be launching a smart watch and the explosion of data and services on our smartphones and tablets, the revolutions in biomedical sensing and virtual reality avatars with speech recognition-these are just some of the new innovations and digital strategies rapidly changing our social and cultural experiences.

This session explored the latest research and trends in this new era. It also explored what is currently available, and new technology capabilities in this emerging ecosystem. This is both in the wider sense, with global and mobile networks of things optimising sustainability, energy resources and commercial trading, but also in the way monitoring and feedback systems can help our everyday lives, providing better social and medical care, and offering greater insight to behavioural interactions and quality of life.

Are you ready for the new generation of embedded technology and ubiquitous systems? How will your company and personal strategy develop and unfold as these new technologies enter the main stream business and social models?

Mark Skilton, Professor Joe Nandhakumar, Professor Christopher James, and Ian Foddering, explain how digital innovation is driving new strategies for wellbeing, lifestyle, services and augmented experience pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

  • How multiple technologies are driving new business, social and societal paradigms
  • Monitoring systems - the rise of new augmented health intervention
  • Internet of things - the ubiquity of systems and economic services
  • The impact of these new social, enterprise and personal strategies for value and innovation

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