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Biosensors Research Projects

Our applications include point-of-care diagnosis, wearable devices, environmental sensing and organs on a chip. Below are a few example of recently funded projects. More details will follow.

  • PleuSense: Integrated Microfluidic Platform for the Differential Diagnosis of Pleural Effusion. Funded by: Newton Fund - Institutional Links - 352360246. J. Charmet (PI), T. Lacin - Marmara University, Turkey (PI), E. Yildirim - Cankaya University, Turkey (CoI).
  • Integrated microfluidic platform with MEMS cantilever for the early detection of prostate cancer using dry mass sensing. Funded by EPSRC (grant EP/R00403X/1). J. Charmet (PI)
  • mPatch, mobile device for fitness monitoring using microfluidic hydrogel patch. Funded by High Value Manufacturing Catapult. J. Charmet (PI), A. Asadipour (Co-I), D. Haddleton (CoI), J. Klein-Seetharaman (CoI), E. Kendrick (CoI).
  • Integrated Diagnostic Platform for Malaria. Funded by Global Partnership Fund, University of Warwick. J. Charmet (PI), Y. Whulanza – Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia (CoI)
  • Acoustic platform to study spatio-temporal cell-cell communication (Accell). Funded by Monash-Warwick Alliance. J. Charmet (PI) and J.Gardner (CoI), A. Neild (PI) and A. de Marco (CoI) – Monash University, Australia.
  • Low cost micro-injection moulding strategy for the fabrication of microfluidic devices. Funded by Research Development Fund, University of Warwick. J. Charmet (PI), V. Goodship (CoI), J. MacPherson (CoI), P. Unwin (Coi), O. Soyer (Coi), J. Klein-Seetharaman (Coi), R. Dallmann (Coi)