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Members of the IDH involved in Biosensors Research

Group, July 2018. Missing Beth, Lucy and Yanahan.

Current members:

  • Lucia Brown, ARAP PhD student (co-supervised by Ramanuj DasGupta)
  • Jerome Charmet, PI
  • Bowen Du, Research Assistant
  • Kevin Couling, Research Assistant
  • Hesam Farazmand, PhD student (co-supervised by Julian Gardner)
  • Mark Foster, MAS-CDT mini project (co-supervised by Mark Barrow)
  • Emmanuel Iheke, MAS-CDT mini project (co-supervised by Mark Barrow)
  • Viji Manoharan, PDRA
  • Emma Proctor, MAS CDT mini-project (co-supervised by M. Smutny)
  • Shilpa Tejpal, Research Assistant
  • Ben Roberts, PhD student (co-supervised by Robert Dallmann)
  • Rui Rodrigues, PDRA


  • Joseph Parker, MIBTP mini-project (co-supervised by Robert Dallmann)
  • Laura Davies, 3rd Year Engineering Student
  • Yanahan Paramalingam, MIBTP student (supervised by Antonia Sagona)
  • Lucy Kelly, MRes student (supervised by Antonia Sagona)
  • Chris Miles, MAS-CDT mini project (co-supervised by Mark Barrow)
  • Beth Middleton, PDRA (co-supervised by Vannessa Goodship, Barbara Shollock)
  • Lara Lai, Summer Intern (Innovative Manufacturing GRP)
  • Hadi Putra, PDRA (supervised by Robert Dallmann)
  • Noe Achache, 3rd Year Engineering Student (supervised by Greg Gibbons)
  • Vasiliki Kaforou, MIBTP mini project student (supervised by Robert Dallmann)
  • Shakiela Begum, MAS-CDT student (co-supervised by Mark Barrow)
  • Zena Choi, Summer Intern - Energy GRP (co-supervised by Mark Barrow)
  • Sunil Prasannan, PDRA (co-supervised by Robert Dallmann)
  • Thomas Salmon, 3rd Year Engineering Student and Health GRP Summer Intern (co-supervised by Mark Elliott)
  • Varon Fung, Summer Intern (URSS)
  • Rebecca Walker, 3rd Year Engineering Student.