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eHealth Innovation

Evidence Summaries

We understand that working in the healthcare sector you need access to summaries of high quality evidence about digital healthcare technologies eHealth Innovationto support your clinical, commissioning and other decisions. To meet this need we are publishing brief, highly readable summaries. Each summary will cover evidence about a specific digital healthcare topic, such as telehealth in heart failure. We consult an expert advisory group to help prioritise topics. The summaries are based on a recent systematic review to provide a brief, high yield overview of the technology and its impact on clinical and cost effectiveness, safety and ease of access to healthcare.

Information Design

Through our knowledge and experience we know that how information is presented impacts on how easily you can find and interpret it to make decisions and solve clinical or quality improvement problems. Our expertise in information design means we can apply evidence based principles to improve the layout of clinical documents such as lab reports, discharge summaries or medical records, providing you with faster, safer clinical decisions.

Policy in Digital Healthcare

Our experience shows that policy decisions about the use of digital healthcare technologies can be fraught with complexity. To assist you we carry out policy analysis in collaboration with expert advisors in legal, ethical, economic and other disciplines, reviewing evidence and building reasoned arguments to inform your policies and strategies.

Summative Evaluation

As well as formative studies, evaluating technology before it is implemented, we design and carry out summative evaluations or impact studies, to measure if a digital healthcare technology has solved the problem it was designed for. This enables you to learn lessons and decide rationally whether and for whom to use the technology; it also provides an evidence base to support marketing. Our evaluation studies take account of a number of specific biases that arise with digital healthcare. This approach to evaluation will provide you with reliable conclusions on which you can base important decisions. We use a range of evaluation methods from qualitative to quantitative as well as secondary research and systematic reviewing.