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IDH Education

The aim of the Institute for Digital Healthcare is to enhance the health and wellbeing of UK and overseas communities, via the delivery of education. A distinctive range of co-produced, bespoke study options is being devised and delivered from within IDH.

These include traditional programmes including PhD, taught MSc in Healthcare Operational Management (full time and part time); plus an evolving portfolio of digitally delivered short courses aimed at a very broad range of stakeholders.


Many IDH courses are or will be exclusively delivered via technology-based learning platforms. This enables the training of overseas participants (negating travel and visa issues, thereby delivering education to those professionals and citizens who do not currently have access) and enables those in full-time employment to receive flexible training.

All of our courses will comprise best-practice digital delivery. Content is of the highest quality possible, and is designed with clarity and purpose comprising evidence-based and state of the art information delivered in an accessible, interactive and engaging way.


How is IDH transferring knowledge to the healthcare and the general population

  • In collaboration with industry and healthcare partners, developing and disseminating evidence from the appropriate scientific field to stakeholders via co-produced courses that are world-leading in terms of content and delivery
  • Training healthcare workers, industry employees and other stakeholders in full-time employment or in geographical areas where there is little access to CPD, thereby reducing health inequalities
  • Identifying and reducing skills gaps across a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, teachers, parents, citizens) thereby reducing the economic burden of healthcare
  • Involving leading experts in the delivery of our course contents and aspiring to become the go-to centre for industry partners who wish to digitally train their customers, collaborators or employees