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Understanding Eating Disorders

Professor Caroline Meyer

Tutor: Professor Caroline Meyer

Tutor: Professor Caroline Meyer

Early identification of disordered eating is essential. If someone goes on to develop an eating disorder, early intervention predicts recovery rates and other important outcomes. Often teachers lack confidence in dealing with these issues in school. This course will provide them with information and guidance.

The Aim of this Course

To inform teachers and other school employees of some up-to-date evidence about eating disorders and dispel any myths

To give them confidence and help them to feel empowered to spot early warning signs, approach pupils and also to evidence-based information to pass on to parents/peers etc.

To help them to consider important ways in which schools might help

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define disordered eating and eating disorders (Session 1)
  • Outline the prevalence of eating disorders and the associated risk factors (Session 2)
  • Describe the aetiology (causes) of disordered eating (Session 3)
  • Provide an overview of treatment pathways (Session 4)
  • Describe the key warning signs and discuss ways to approach an individual about whom you are concerned (Session 5)

How the Course Will Work

5 Sessions, each incorporating:

  • Video-captured lectures and discussions
  • Reading Materials
  • An online quiz

There will be an on-going discussion forum and videoed FAQs

You will be assigned a personal tutor to contact directly with any questions for the duration of your 1 month period of registration