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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Forensics

The prevalence of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, AKA Drones) has increased in recent years, along with their use in criminal, nefarious and reckless activities.

This talk provides a brief introduction to UAVs and their use in criminal enterprises and gangs. It continues with a review of an investigation involving two UAVs found crashed within the grounds of Birmingham HMP in November 2016. It will explore the forensic analysis of those UAVs, and how it resulted in the conviction of its operator.

Alan Roder has been a Police Officer since 2008, and has worked as a Digital Forensic Officer within the West Midlands Police Digital Forensic Unit since 2015. Alan completed his MSc in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation and has since gone on to publish papers on UAV forensic guidelines and threat analysis.

Alan created a UAV forensics course for, which introduced students to the fundamentals, forensics and scene management of UAV related incidents. Alan is currently attached to the National Police Chief Councils Counter Drone Unit.